How to Avoid Dead Bookkeeper Syndrome?

Dead Bookkeeper Syndrome is a term I have instituted to depict the circumstance of an organization’s bookkeeper all of a sudden vanishing or kicking the bucket. The issue is, he knows nothing about QuickBooks. As their Bookkeepers Melbourne, I just went to their office quarterly to survey the books and close the quarter. I’m not by any means acquainted with the everyday methodology for their books, yet I know more than the spouse!

Here are a few things to consider evaluating how well your business, or your customer’s businesses, would charge if the bookkeeper was all of a sudden inaccessible, either because of ailment, demise, or different reasons:


Is there an ace passwords list, and does somebody adjacent to the bookkeeper know how to get to it? This rundown must incorporate User IDs, Passwords, and Security Question answers for the books, internet banking (checking, investment funds, Visas, credits), financial benefit, significant sellers, and outsider applications, for example,, and so on. The length of this rundown, once you take a seat to make it, might amaze you.


Do you know every one of the projects which are utilized as a part of the relationship with your accounting? The ace secret word rundown will help. Here’s a conceivable situation: A Bookkeepers Melbourne record with outsider applications including ReceipBank, Gusto, Avalara’s Avatax, and Fishbowl stock. Does somebody outside of the bookkeeper know how all these moving parts cooperate? Read more.

Due dates

A private venture can have a wide range of recording due dates. Just to give some examples: finance accommodation and finance expense forms; deals charge documenting; invoicing – A/R; charge installments – A/P; city and additionally area filings; quarterly or other assessment installments. Do you have an ace logbook or PC program which you can allude to for documenting due dates?


Does anybody other than the bookkeeper know which bills are paid with a check, which with Mastercard, and which are on ACH?

  • Does another person know how to accommodate a monthly bank statement?
  • The inquiries are interminable.
  • So the genuine inquiry moves toward becoming: Does the workplace have reported systems?

On the off chance that somebody needed to rapidly venture in to do the books, is there a manual they can reference? I would state 90-95% of the time the appropriate response is No, and in the 5-10% of the time when the appropriate response is Yes, the manual isn’t up and coming. Consider that.

Broadly educating

It is safe to say that anyone is else in the workplace prepared to do a few or all of what the bookkeeper does? Would one be able to or two individuals venture in, or is there an expert you know to call for help? In the examples of your own accounting or bookkeeping practice, would you say you are a Sole Proprietor? Who might know what to do in the interest of your customers, if something all of a sudden transpired?


We as a whole know we ought to have calamity recuperation designs set up, yet more often than not we are thinking as far as information recuperation. We should likewise think as far as bookkeeper recuperation. It is smarter to have an arrangement set up than to need to scramble to settle an officially awful circumstance. Check out this site:

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